Liz Wood Associates is a hotel and venue sales agency with the knowledge and passion to drive your sales strategy forward. Whether you need sales support on an individual project or on a longer-term basis, our team of hotel sales executives will represent your venue confidently and professionally.

We understand that having a team of venue sales executives on a year-round basis simply isn’t sustainable for many hotels and venues, but with our outsourced hotel and venue sales agency service you can employ a talented sales team as and when you wish.

We’ll help you to identify a sales strategy to fit with your budget and calendar, incorporating seasonal trends to maximise the opportunities that increase revenue. We’re not a pushy sales team, but we do know the proven techniques to boost your hotel or venue’s revenue. Sharing our wealth of experience, we’ll encourage best practise and drive improvement.

An interim venue sales consultancy with a difference, our services are completely scalable, tailored to slot into your business at the time when you need us.

We have a dynamic team of professional salespeople who know the hotel and hospitality industry inside out and we’re at your disposal. Our interim venue sales consultancy will deliver on your strategy and create a script that’s fits with your brand’s vision and values. Chasing down leads and converting them into paying customers without the aggressive sales pitch is our speciality.

If your hotel or venue does have a sales team in place, we can provide cover for busier periods and long-term absences like paternity and maternity leave or sickness and seasonal fluctuations. We ensure you have the fully resourced team without committing to long-term contracts or dealing with rolling temporary staff and the headache of continuous training.

If you have an event to promote or you’re launching a new facility, we know how to get people through the door.  If you’re tapping into a new market or revenue stream, we’ll help you to find your perfect customer and ensure they’re engaged and enthused.

If your business could benefit from a highly experienced hotel sales agency or a venue sales consultancy that’s flexible enough to fit your needs, we’d love to hear from you.

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